Thursday, August 11, 2011

Deshi Dishes With Dakota!

Original Interview Date: 6/25/09

It was great interviewing you Dakota - 558930! Thanks...

What was the inspiration for your name? Does your human really love North and/or South Dakota?

My name started as somewhat of a joke. My mommy had a friend named Montana and the name Dakota was suggested to follow with the state theme. Mommy really liked the suggestion though so it stuck! I rarely get called Dakota though, usually it's just Kota!

Tell me a bit about the area where you live. What is it like? Your profile doesn't mention it at all.

I live with my mommy in Central New Jersey just outside of Princeton. We recently moved to a new house and I love my new development! I have tons of walking paths and open spaces to play in and even my own fenced in yard! The area itself isn't too dog friendly though, my mommy has yet to find any pet friendly shops or cafe's (other than petsmart of course!).

I see you have sheltie siblings. Do you all get along? Are you the boss?

When I was a pup mommy and I lived with her parents for a while. The shelties are actually their dogs but I definitely ran the house. I got along with Nittany from the start but always had issues with Chad sorting out who was the boss. Sometimes when I go visit him we still fight, but we get along the majority of the time. Unfortunately Nittany passed away a few months ago but my grandpawrents adopted a new SHIBA puppy named Otis. He's now one of my best friends!

There is a great picture on your profile of you hiking. Do you do that a lot? Was that picture from one of your favorite hiking spots?

I love to hike and mommy tries to take me at least a few times a year. The picture was taken at a place called Watchung Reservation and it is one of my favorite places to hike! There's lots of great hiking paths and tons of little creeks for me to play in!

What is your favorite kind of chew treat?

I absolutely LOVE flossies and bully sticks. Mommy hates how they smell but I use my shiba mind control to make sure I almost always have a supply on hand.

Are you allowed up on the bed?

Mommy tries to get me to sleep on the bed all the time. She would love it if I slept up there every night, but I never sleep there for more than five minutes. I actually hate being on furniture and will jump off the sofas and beds immediately when mommy puts me up there.

I read in your diary that you don't like the dog park. Is that still the case?

For some reason dogs I do not know make me very nervous. Going to the dog park is a very stressful experience for me so mommy tries to take me only when not a lot of other dogs re there. Now that I take walks in my development everyday and meet new dogs a lot I'm getting much better and I'm not as scared of other pups as I used to be.

Do you have any dog friends in your neighborhood?

I don't have any dog friends in my neighborhood right now frown. There are some dogs we see out on walks a lot and I let them sniff me but that's all. My best friends are my cousin Nestor and my grandpawrents dogs.

Tell me a bit about the dog food you eat. How much are you fed a day and what kind of food is it? Are you a picky eater?

I am fed Eukanuba Naturally Wild dog food. It's an all natural product and I love the Salmon and rice flavor. There is kibble in my bowl at all times so I can pick whenever I want a snack. At supper time my mommy gives me a few table scraps or a product called Moist and Meaty by purina on top of my dry kibble. I have no issues with food and will eat anything you put in front of me. I love food!

Where do you sit when you go for car rides? Do you enjoy going for drives?

I hate going in the car but will willingly jump into my seat when mommy tells me we are going to see Daddy (her dad). I always sit in the passengers seat because my mommy only has a two seater car. I have a really cool seatbelt harness though and am always buckled in when we go for a ride. I especailly like when mommy puts the roof down on her convertible!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

According to mommy us shibas can be very difficult pups to manage sometimes so...Mommy just wants to thank everyone on this forum for always sharing their shiba stories, problems, and solutions. Even though we don't post that much, we read the threads almost daily and have solved many problems with the advice given!

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