Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deshi Dishes With Henry!

Original Interview Date: 8/24/09

Here is my interview with Henry (603949). Enjoy!

Your name, Henry, was that your original name when you were adopted or a new name. If it was new, what was the inspiration for your name?

My original name was Hines - I was named after some football player. When it came time for me to come home with Mom, she decided that Hines was just a bad name so I needed a new one. Her friend T. said "He's a cool dog. He needs a cool dog name." The choices were Henry and Charlie, and she chose Henry b/c it had the same first letter as my original name. Where she got Henry and Charlie, I don't know. She's just smart like that.

I read on your profile that your favorite place to walk is Independence Mall. Tell me a bit about it. What are the sights you see and the smells you smell there?

Well, Independence Mall is full of exciting things. First of all, there's a LOT of grass. I like to run around on it (while on leash, of course!) and get my toesies all wet and green. There's a cafe that has a lot of yummy smells. There's always at least one other dog (besides Chad) to sniff, and lots of tourists to try and pet me. Naturally, I duck out of the way just in time. Mom is so funny when she's embarrassed! HA!

Since you are a creamie are you subjected to baths more because dirt shows up on you easier or do you manage to stay pretty clean?

No - if it weren't for my nails needing to be trimmed and Chad needing a bath (he's oily), I would probably only be groomed twice a year. My Mom likes to tell the story about one time at the dog park when I got really dirty and muddy, and as she put me in the car, she resigned herself to giving me a bath when we got home. By the time we got home (15 minute drive), I was clean!!

I imagine you get a lot of snow up in PA in the winter. Have you become an expert at camouflaging yourself in the snow?

It's easy to camouflage myself in the snow - everyone is distracted by how ridiculously silly Chad is acting in it, and I just quietly blend into the background. Until I make yellow snow! That gives me away every time.

Do you like to go to the dog park? If so, is there a particular park you like the best?

I do like to go to the dog park, but I get in lots of fights, so Mom doesn't take me as often as she used to. It stresses her out. We like the Schuykill River Dog Run - it has an all dog side and a little dog side. Chad likes the all dog side, but we mostly hang in the little side b/c I'm less likely to get in trouble on that side.

Where is your favorite napping spot?

When Mom is home, I like to nap next to wherever she is - usually we sit on the couch together, and put my head on her lap while she does "work" on the computer. If she's gone to work, then I sleep on her pillow on her bed. I love my Mom.

So, Henry, tell me about that frog costume you are dressed up in. Have you found a way to destroy it or do you fear you may be forced to wear it again?

The frog costume! My nemesis. It taunts me! Mom put it in the closet for safe keeping. I keep talking Chad into peeing on the closet door, so that when she opens it to clean, the costume will fall on the floor. But, she's too quick. She catches it midair and it never even gets close to my teeth!

Cats, what do you think about them?

Taste like chicken. Ha ha! Just kidding. I actually really like cats. Our dogwalker/dogsitter has a cat that is one of my bestest buds. Whenever I'm at their house, we play and play. Someone needs to get rid of those sharp things at the ends of his toes, though!

Tell me a bit about the dog food you eat. How much are you fed a day and what kind of food is it? Are you a picky eater?

I eat Solid Gold Barking at the Moon. I'm not really a picky eater, unless that means I eat anything I can pick up! But, I'm super super allergic to chicken, so Mom is a picky feeder! Sometimes we get some canned Wellness CORE Ocean formula, too!

Do you ever get table scraps? If so, do you have a favorite thing you like to get or will any scrap do?

Not very often. Not as often as I did before Chad moved in. Now I have to share. Harumph. My favorite thing is shrimp tails, or, no wait, cheese, or pepperoni, or peanut butter Cap'n Crunch, or ice cream, or... what were we talking about again?

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

Just thanks for keeping Mom sane! She really likes reading about the rest of your antics - makes her feel less alone, she says. I don't get this - she has me and Chad. She's not alone. Ever.

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